Wednesday 3 March 2021
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Understanding the Importance of an Expert Witness in Legal Cases

Understanding the Importance of an Expert Witness in Legal Cases

An expert witness is an individual who has been instructed by a party to prepare and provide expert evidence for the court or arbitration proceedings. They are permitted to provide opinion evidence on matters within their technical expertise. The benefits a well-picked judicial expert witness offers to a case are not all apparent at first glance. Below are the reasons expert witnesses are important:

They Have Practical and Court Experience

Expert witnesses are experts in their field. For instance, a traffic engineer expertly designs, constructs, and regulates the traffic system to ensure safety. For traffic accident litigation, it is imperative to look for a qualified traffic engineering expert witness who can offer an expert opinion on the traffic design, construction, and safety.

Additionally, expert witnesses have experience in similar court cases. Not just any expert traffic engineers will count as an expert witness. They need to have testified in the same cases before. This, combined with their knowledge of the topic, will let them present the facts of the case clearly and concisely.

They can Get Settlements

No one wants a court case to drag on for years of issues, counter-claims, and appeals. Also, no one wants the initial proceedings to continue for months of painful testimony. An expert witness’ knowledge alone can significantly impact the settlement of the case without lots of painful proceedings.

They are Unbiased

Expert witness testimonies won’t be viewed as questionable in any way by the court or jury. They are known to have clean ethics and unquestionable morality. Also, they have no relationships with anyone involved in the case and have no motives to aid either side. Such impartiality will ease the mind of the court about any testimony, reassuring them the validity and importance of the testimony.

They Provide Facts and Insights

Expert witnesses can be crucial in providing insight into the case that other individuals might not consider. Their testimony can usually go a long way towards establishing things such as motive or lack thereof, or important details of a situation that a lay person might not otherwise think about.

They are Articulate and Analytical

Aside from being able to know their field inside and out, expert witnesses can break down any situation into its components. Also, they can articulate that analysis of the circumstances in a way that is easily digestible and engaging for the injury. These are helpful qualities in terms of persuading the court of an argument.