Saturday 16 January 2021
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Few Conditions When Should You Hire Any Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Few Conditions When Should You Hire Any Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

In most of the normal cases, any employee will generally get all his due worker’s compensation after any injury. However, under certain special circumstances, it will not be possible to get your claim fully.

In such situation, it is necessary for you to hire any lawyer from Law Offices of Edward J. Singer APLC, as representing the case of your own may not give you the desired result, on the contrary you may lose your case as the legal process is too complicated to understand.

Following are few of the conditions, when you must certainly hire workers’ compensation lawyer.

  • Claim is denied

In most of the cases, insurance companies will try to settle your case either with minimum compensation or deny your legitimate claim. Only a Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you.

  • Your settlement offer does not cover all your dues

In order to get the best settlement, you must call an attorney as judges will normally sign-off on any settlement as long as gross unfairness is not found.

  • Your permanent disability condition is disputed

An attorney for workers’ compensation will be essential to get you fair settlement and convince a judge that your disability rating has been unfair.

  • You had preexisting condition

Those who have any preexisting injury involving your same body part that you injured while working may face uphill battle with insurance company, for which a lawyer will be needed.

  • You are having problem in getting the right treatment

For expensive treatments insurance companies may often deny and only any lawyer can put enough pressure on insurance company to get necessary medical treatments as early as possible.

  • You were injured due to serious misconduct of your employer

If your injury is because of serious misconduct of your employer then you can sue them and need a lawyer.

  • Your employer retaliates against you as you filed for workers’ compensation claim

Often employers may fire or demote or reduce your pay etc. for filing for workers’ compensation claim. You need to contact lawyer to protect your legitimate rights.

  • Your ability to do work has badly affected

Some of you who can never work need maximum benefits which only a lawyer is able to help you to get.

  • You are receiving certain other government benefits

Often your compensation may be reduced for getting government benefits where lawyer can really help you.

  • You are having workers’ compensation hearing

If your insurance company refuses your claim totally then you may have to go to the court and hence you will need a lawyer.