Wednesday 3 March 2021
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Do you Have a Claim after Being Injured

Do you Have a Claim after Being Injured

A person’s eligibility for a claim depends on the incident’s facts and circumstances that led to the injury. Although each injury and claim is different, there is some information that can be helpful when deciding what to do if you are injured.

Personal Injury Claim Slip and fall

Sometimes, people are injured after being at a place of business where there is a harmful defect of condition that caused a person’s injury. Common defects at workplaces that lead to slip and fall include wet floors, floors with spilled foreign substances, or slick floors. If you sustain an injury due to slip and fall, you must document the scene and report the incident to a manager on duty. Don’t forget to contact the best injury attorney Killian Davis.

Personal Injury Claim for Motor Vehicle Collision

Usually, a lot of injured parties sustain bodily injuries due to a motor vehicle collision. Such collisions can happen with regular vehicles, 18 wheelers, or company vehicles. If the collision was caused by the other party and you suffered bodily injuries, you must call a personal injury firm right away so you can protect your rights and address your injuries.

Personal Injury Claim Wrongful Death

Making a personal injury claim as a result of wrongful death is possible after a person dies due to personal injury sustained as a result of another party’s negligence. If an incident resulted in the death of a loved one, family members must understand their rights as wrongful death beneficiaries.

Personal Injury Claim for Work Injury

If you suffer an injury in your workplace, and a third-party is responsible for the injury, your personal injury attorney can help you bring a claim against the party. Let’s say the company you work for is hired by another to complete a job. While on the job and at the worksite of the hiring company, you were injured after the company’s employee failed to follow proper protocol. You can vet worker’s compensation benefits from your company because you were hurt on the job. Then you can also make a personal injury claim against the other company.

Products Liability

In some instances, you may be injured when using or consuming a defective product. Because of that defect, you suffer a personal injury that otherwise would not have occurred had the product not been defective. Your lawyer can file a common product liability for cases such as defective or recalled food that causes serious injury or illness, or using a product with a manufacturing or structural defect that causes an injury.