Friday 22 January 2021
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Boating Accident 101: Basic Aspects, Hiring A Lawyer And More!

Boating Accident 101: Basic Aspects, Hiring A Lawyer And More!

The consequences of a boating accident can be severe for everyone involved. If you are a victim in such an accident and have suffered because of the wrongdoing of other party, you may choose to file for a negligence claim. Filing for a negligence claim may not be as simple as it seems on paper, and if you are seriously injured, you may not have time to take necessary action. Hiring a boating accident attorney is the ideal step. In this post, we are discussing more on boating accidents, and some of the relevant aspects that matter.

Filing for a negligence claim

To prove your case in a boating accident, you have to first prove that the defendant owed a “duty of care”. For example, if people get injured while taking a ferry ride, the company that’s in charge of transport can be a party. Secondly, you need to prove that the duty was breached. For instance, if the boat was being operated at a usual speed, it can amount to negligence. It is also important to consider aspects like factual causation and legal causation. Like truck accidents, boating accidents may also involve other parties. Let’s say that the boat was not in a good shape, which lead to the accident. In this case, the company in charge of maintenance, or the boat manufacturer can be considered a liable party.

Hiring an attorney

By now, you probably have a fair idea that boating accidents are complicated, and it is wise to get a lawyer for your case. Your lawyer is the best person to explain possible causes of accidents, how to get ahead with the case, and how much you can expect in terms of compensation. Besides physical trauma and pain, compensation can be sought for loss of work, and financial harm too.

How to find the right boating accident attorney?

Experience and expertise in handling boating accident claims are factors to consider. You can ask questions like –

  • How many boating-accident cases have you handled?
  • Can I get references?
  • What do you expect from my case?
  • Who will fight my case? Are you experienced with trial?
  • Can you explain the possible causes of this boating accident?
  • How will you charge for your work?

As a new client, don’t shy away from asking the basic questions, no matter how stupid they may seem. Take an informed decision when it comes to hiring a lawyer.