Wednesday 3 March 2021
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A Few Important Facts to Know about Minnesota Divorce Law

A Few Important Facts to Know about Minnesota Divorce Law

Divorce law varies in every country. The rules, regulations, requirements and the process vastly vary. This is the reason while filing for divorce in Minnesota you need to understand your rights during divorce proceedings.

Here are few facts that you need to know about divorce laws in Minnesota:

  • Matters to note to qualify for filing Divorce.
  • Either spouse need to be living in Minnesota at least for one hundred eighty days. Even if one of them is part of armed forces then he/she is eligible to file for divorce.
  • They need to prove that there aren’t any chances of reconciliation or resuming the relationship forever.
  • Follows ‘No Fault’ divorce law rules
  • While filing divorce, you don’t have to state the reasons for ending the marriage. Unlike other State rules you don’t need to mention the causes leading to finally decide to end the relationship with your spouse.
  • Any valuable assets are termed to be marital property.
  • The Minnesota law considers the properties belonging to the couple irrespective of the property titles. The court will verify the value of the properties and equally distribute the property between the spouses.

  • While it is possible mostly court law believes in joint custody of child.
  • If a spouse is mentally unstable, involved in illegal crime issues or there have been domestic abuse the custody of the child isn’t shared by spouses. In other circumstances, parents are provided joint custody of their kids.
  • Alimony isn’t compulsory.
  • Until there is grave need of spouse maintenance the court won’t allow alimony clause to be added in divorce documents. The financial status of both the spouses will be considered before sanctioning alimony. However in most cases the souse maintenance is paid for limited period of time.

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